Research Team

Lily Cho

principal investigator

Lily is an Associate Professor in the Department of English at York University. She began this project in 2009 when an archivist at Library and Archives Canada came up to her at a conference and handed her a CD-R with over 2000 images of CI 9 certificates. That gift changed the course of her research and she has been obsessed with CI 9s ever since.


Emilie Létourneau


Emilie is Senior Project Archivist, Aboriginal and Social Affairs, at Library and Archives Canada (LAC). She holds a Master’s in History from Sherbrooke University; her M.A. thesis examined questions of identity and labour. She accepted an appointment as a government records archivist in 2007 where she has led various research projects and managed government archives portfolio. Amongst other responsibilities, she managed the Immigration portfolio, under which the CI 9 certificate resides.


Helen Piekoszewski


Helen is a Toronto-based freelance photographer. She grew up in Amsterdam before returning to Toronto, where she attained her BFA from the Photography Studies program at Ryerson University. Her work has been included in Function Magazine, the Contact Photography Festival, the Museon Museum (The Hague), and music magazines in The Netherlands. She is currently working on her first book and teaches photography at The Living Arts Centre (Mississauga).

Helen Piekoszewski

Sara Rozenberg

metadata architect and visual analysis

Sara Rozenberg is a PhD student in the Department of English and a member of the Centre for Feminist Research at York University. She holds an MA in Women and Gender Studies and an Honours BA in English from the University of Toronto. Her current research interests are in the fields of postcolonialism and diaspora studies, critical race theory, cultural studies, queer theory, and Indigenous studies, with a focus on aesthetics and embodiment in relation to political imagination and decolonial thought. Sara has previously worked in the not-for-profit sector and continues to work as an editor of academic and arts writing.

Sara Rozenberg

Angie Wong

metadata extractor and visual analysis

Angie Wong is a second-generation Chinese Canadian of Toishan-Hong Kong descent, born and raised on Treat 7 territory in Calgary, Alberta. She has lived and studied in Toronto for the past four years. She received a Theatre Performance diploma from Mount Royal University, followed by a Bachelors of Communication and Culture with a minor in English from the University of Calgary. Her MA research in Humanities from York University focused on philosophical Daoism, ontology, and Heidegger’s conception of metaphysics. As a current doctoral candidate in Humanities at York, her dissertation work focuses on Asian Canadian history and social justice through political philosophies that engage with metaphysics, existentialism, and phenomenology. Her broader research interests include the history of ideas, world philosophies, and cross-cultural critique.

Angie Wong2

Rachel Wong

metadata extractor and visual analysis

Rachel Wong is a doctoral student in the Department of English at York University.

She completed her MA in Comparative Literature at the University of Western Ontario in 2016; and holds a Post Baccalaureate Diploma (2014) and a Bachelor of Arts (2012), both in English and History, from Simon Fraser University. Her MA thesis, “Discussions of Diaspora’s: Cultural Production and Identity in Contemporary Chinese Canadian Literature” explores literary representations of cultural production and Vancouver Chinatown in various Chinese Canadian works of fiction. Her current research questions the positionality of Asian Canadian literature within the broader spectrum of Canadian literature and explores issues of canonization and representation. Other research interests include (but are rarely limited) to: Asian North American diasporic literature and theory, twentieth century Canadian literature, minority writers, Post Colonial theory, Critical Race theory, cultural studies, and literary representations of women and ethnic enclaves.

Rachel Wong.png

Chloe Shi

metadata extraction and visual analysis

Chloe is a Chinese-Canadian who has been living in Canada for over 10 years. Her family emigrated from Fujian to Ontario in 2007 when she was 12-year-old. Currently, Chloe is a student studying at York University in the Health Studies program. Expected to graduate in June 2018, she will use her skills and understanding of theoretical practices developed in her undergrad to pursuit a master in medicine.



Claire Zhang

metadata extraction and visual analysis

Claire is a senior year undergraduate student at York University. With economics background and applied statistics curricula, she has been honored with a variety of progressive learning and work experiences with federal sectors that have helped her develop a solid foundation for which she plans to use to pursue a meaningful career in quantitative analysis upon graduation.  While working with hands-on projects, she developed keen interested in conducting research and analysis in the area of public policy, economics, and sociology. In spite of being passionate about Canadian economy, financial market, and the digital age, Claire also loves Jean-Luc Godard, Chet Baker and drinking wine, and is always planning her next adventure.

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